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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 4, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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not here. pockets though where the radar is it will up you see around san mateo and also over to hayward. the low is right up here as it swings in. it's giving us some of this rain. we look for the morning rain but then we get afternoon clearing. and by this afternoon most of this is gone. and tomorrow we can start that warming trend. it will kick in on saturday and really kicks in on sunday into monday near 80 degrees on monday. 40s and 50s. i doubt these cool off anymore. overall look for cloudy, rainy morning. for about another two hours we will deal with rain but then we will have afternoon sun. it will be a little cooler today. temperatures 50s and 60s. mainly low to mid 60s. here is sal. steve, it's raining as you mentioned and that means it will be a little tougher driving out there. let's go out and take a look at
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these pictures. 80 westbound traffic does look good. but again if you are just about to leave the house, it will be wet. it could even be raining where you are. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza this is light. it's about an 8-10 minute drive time. just a bunch of road work in san jose in the south bay. you can see the aye cons we have put on the maps. it's not causing major delays but it is out there. be careful in the wet weather to look out for cal tran workers. but for the most part we are off to a good start. we begin with developing news this morning. early morning fire damaged a building owned by oakland's children's hospital. ktvu tara moriarty is joining us now to tell us the reason investigators are calling this fire suspicious. >> reporter: they are not ready to call it arson yet but it's odd it happened in the middle
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of the night. basically where no one was around and it was on the exterior of the building. they are taking a look. but luckily no one was inside at the time. we do know this is an office building and owned by children's hospital of oakland. this was a single alarm and a neighbor called it in about an hour and a half ago. flames started on the outside of the building in the back. >> we made an attack on the exterior. got a good knock on it. and it was mostly to the attic and exterior walls and roof. >> reporter: crews were tearing apart the roof. a lot of them are leaving the scene. there was heavy damage to the exterior of the building. luckily no one was hurt. arson investigators are out here trying to figure out what started it all. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you.
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san francisco police are on high alert after the department received multiple threats connected to the deadly shooting of a city college student two weeks ago. the police received several anonymous phone calls threatening retaliation. officers shot 28-year-old alejandro after he reached for what appeared to be a gun. it turned out to be a taser. the examiner reports his death is the 33rd department connected death since 2000. there is new information about the two armed suspects shot by police and federal agents in fairfield. authorities identified them as 33-year-old corey davis and 27- year-old markell davis of fairfield. it's not known if they are related. they were shot just 30 minutes apart on the same block of north texas street yesterday afternoon. the gunfire came after a federal task force tracked down the two fugitives. they were both wanted for questioning in an attempted
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murder. the man hunt led to the two confrontations. >> the suspect produced the firearm and shot by the member of the federal task force. the second suspect also produced a handgun and shot by a fairfield police officer. >> both survived the shooting but there is no word on their condition. trying to save the life of a little girl off the coast. cargo plane and two helicopters left for mexico. last night in the open ocean four men pair shooted to the watt -- parachuted to the water to reach the little girl. she was sailing with her family when she became seriously ill.
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this morning she will be hoisted on to a helicopter. air lifted to the hospital. another plane will leave moffett to assist in the rescue effort. the girls sibling and parents are stuck on the boat which has lost all power. we'll have a live report from moffett coming up at 5:00. minor earthquake rattled nerves but left no, ma'am damage. the quake measured 3.6 and hit just after 9:00 last night. it was centered about six miles east of yountville but was felt as far away as mill valley. no reports of aftershocks in the area. strong aftershocks continue in chile following the 8.2 earthquake. a 6.1 quake shook the northern coast of the country last night. many families have set up tents and they are forced to sleep outside in parks, open fields, and in soccer stadiums. there are wide spread shortages
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of water and fuel and electricity is still out for much of the region. time is 4:35. there is rowing concern for a woman from san jose who disappeared thursday morning. she was last seen on west alma avenues. she has the mental capacity of an 8-10-year-old and suffers from alzheimer's disease, dementia, and deveer depression. she is latina. nine candidates for mayor of oakland including jean quan squared off in their debate last night. >> tonight r tonight i'm going to ask for your vote to make this city safer. >> the focus of last night's debate was oakland's crime
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problem. mayor jean quan defended her efforts. >> i wanted everyone to know that every crime in this city is unacceptable and personal to me. >> there are a total of 15 candidates challenging quan for the mayor seat in november. she is also facing criticism by friday blackwell that he is leaving the post. >> it's a very poor sign you can't keep your managers and the managers you do have do not speak highly of her leadership. >> and oakland has had trouble finding a new police chief. three have stepped down while quan has been mayor. spokesman for the mayor's office says a turn over in leadership is something that happens in many cities. it was a late night at the oakland coliseum but thanks to cocoa crisp who has the best
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name in baseball they are are opening up the series against the mariners with a strong start. there she goes. crisp opened the 12th inning with his 109th career home run that led the a's to a 3-2 victory. after the game josh reddic stuck a pie in chris' face and drenched him with ice water. the san francisco giants wrapped up their road trip to arizona yesterday. in the first inning brandon whacked the solo home run to give the giants an early 1-0 lead. the giants will go back down in the seventh. giving the giants the 8-5 win over the diamond backs. they head to l.a. today for a three-game series against the dreaded dodgers. >> is a pie something i don't know about?
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>> it is tradition. a family seeking answers following the arrest of a man they trusted. >> i just want to know why my brother like why did he to it to him. >> coming up at 5:00 the disturbing charges against a local cub scout leader. >> and a diamond thief caught. the clever trick she is suspected of. >> good morning. right now we are looking at a commute that is wet. you can see that the roads are wet. even could still be raining where you are. steve andly be back to see what it's doing to the weather and some of the roads. >> one more system has to move through. this morning. you can see is over my shoulder but how much rain is there and what about the weekend? still a warm up on tap?
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welcome back. take a look at this. emergency crews in texas have been up all night cleaning up from a destructive hailstorm
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there. the worst damage was reported at texas woman's university in denton county. this was the scene late yesterday. as you see there many students left class to see baseball size hail had shattered the windshields of their cars. the hailstorm caused major damage on the campus and several areas nearby. crews searching for the missing malaysia airlines flight 370 has started their under water search for the plane's black boxes. australian search has lowered a bing detector in the -- but the battery operated black box's only transmit the pings for about 30 days after a crash so time is running out. now meantime crews from eight countries continue the search. >> i have never seen cooperation as effective as what we are seeing at the moment. eight nations out there working as one team for a common purpose because we need to find
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this downed aircraft. >> malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared on march 8th with 239 people on board. over night we checked with oakland international airport and runway lighting is back on. that is the runway where commercial jets and car -- where many cargo planes land. that meant more flights over homes in san leandro. >> we apologize to those who were effected. >> the runway lights can be turned on manually and that's what airport officials did but they don't know what caused the problems. this is the second electrical problem at the oakland airport. last month there was a blackout after a bird landed on a power
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line. copper thief hit three times in one month. a video camera captured this image where he clipped wires on two streets. but he didn't all the wiring so neighbors thought he might be back. >> we put these little signs in there that say here, we're paying attention. we caught you in the middle of the act. and it worked. >> very interesting. neighbors were surprised when they found a pile of copper wire placed on top of one of the vaults that had been broken into before. palo alto police say 45- year-old angela walker was shopping in san mateo last thursday when a sales woman briefly went to the back room. walker is accused of replacing a loose diamond with a fake. now after she left, the clerk realized what happened and called police. officers arrested walker when they lured her back with other
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diamonds. time is 4:45. the wife of a man killed by san jose state police is calling for a new investigation into his death. laurie valdez says she wants answers and justice for the sake of the couple's son jazia. he was shot and killed on february 21st. he came at officers with a knife and refused to stop but valdez doesn't believe that scenario. she has heard from witnesses that says lopez was shot in the back while he walked away. a man is facing the reality he will die in prison. he was sentenced to 400 years in prison yesterday. williams told investigators he was on his way to san francisco to shoot people at the tides foundation or the aclu when officers pulled him over for driving erratically. he then got into a shootout with police. the jury convicted williams of
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four counts of attempted murder on a peace officer. in a new milestone in the work to bring down the old eastern span of the bay bridge. crews now in the process of removing steel beams piece by piece. we are told it is going to be a few weeks before you will be able to look straight through a gap in the old bridge. the demolition is happening in roughly the reverse order of how the span was built 77 years ago. bart giving riders a chance to test out their new fleet of cars before they roll out in 2015. some of the features include the cars will be quieter. the padded seats will be covered in wipable fabric making them easier to clean. they will have the new cars on display on april 16th. the only complaint so far is that the interior color scheme is blue and green which is the colors of the seattle sea hawks.
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>> that's got to change. >> let's just say it's ocean, calming. >> yeah. you can spin it that way. >> we are surrounded by water. it's the colors of water. >> yes, i agree. very calm. and happy friday to you. let's see what we have. it's raining out there for some. the morning drive in case you haven't looked outside it may surprise you. let's take look what we have right now. traffic in the south looks good but there is a crash northbound 17. santa cruz mountains at the summit. it sounds like an injury crash. a little bit of slow traffic there as the fire department and medics arrive on the scene. northbound 17 at the summit. live pictures now i want to show you the traffic at the toll plaza it is still light getting into san francisco no major problems on the way into the city. about an 8-10 minute drive time. as we look at 880 north and southbound here the drive time between oakland is five minutes. if you are driving northbound from 238 all the way to
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downtown that drive time is more like 10. 4:48 let's go back to steve. you know michelle toy? >> yeah. >> she is our social media guru. it's pouring in san francisco. if you want to get a rain total to me you can facebook, e-mail me. our system is right there and moving in. the back edge could be rather intense which is why you may be getting very heavy rain. not too bad in the north bay. it looks pretty heavy here over toward hey ward -- hayward, san leandro. moving east. so the east bay presents what rain? it's not here yet. well, it's on its way. there are pockets to moderate
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to heavy rain. give this system credit. this one held together. forecast models under performed which is why we said there might be light rain. cloudy with rain in the morning. then it will be clearing rapidly. then we will kick it in for a warmer pattern saturday anises pearly sunday and monday. upper 40s. low to mid 50s as the system moves through. but there you can see it. right there. for another two hours. then i think we will get clearing here. a little cooler today. tahoe sleeping in but reno is 42. ukiah is 47. high pressure our fair weather friend beginning to build in. sunday and monday look like sunny side up and warmer. a little cooler. afternoon clearing here. 60s on your temps. low to mid or a few upper 50s. kind of held in check today but this rain and a little cooler air mass.
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but then after mostly sunnies on saturday it looks good warm. our first 80s of the season looks likely on monday. don't forget you can get weather updates any time of day by following steve and all of our other ktvu meteorologists on social media. you can find them all on facebook and twitter. he's been on the air for more than 30 years but david letterman made a big announcement on his show yesterday. >> paul and i will be wrapping things up and taking a hike. >> letterman has announced he is retiring saying he almost leave once his contract expires next year. letterman turned 67 and has had the longest run of any late night talk show host. we are unanimous. you are going to stay tonight. >> judges decided to step in and save the state of the contest by saving wolf.
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the judges say the singers still have a long road ahead. you can watch american idol every wednesday. fears o ever a nursing shortage in california. all because students can't take their nursing exams. the technical issue that is holding them back. >> the new x-box hacked by a five-year-old. the bug that, that little guy uncovered that has microsoft scrambling for a solution.
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welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. mountain view police educating parents after a high school student overdosed on a new street drug last month. one session happened last night at mountain view high school. police officer ronald cooper taught parents about the wide range of substances their kids could be using. and how common items such as water bottles, pens, and clothing could have secret compartments where drugs could be hiding. >> i didn't know. >> mountain view police say they have seen 13-year-old students that have drugs on school campuses. they encourage parents to talk to their kids and keep the lines of communication open. the district attorneys office is leading the investigation into a suspended concord police officer who is
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facing possible drug charges. officer matthew is a member of the department's canine unit. he is accused of illegally -- >> he just asked me if i was taking narco and i said yeah. and he wanted to borrow some. >> investigators stressed the charges against officer switzer is pending. there is a new warning about e-cigarettes as poison control get a skyrocketing number of calls about under age kids that have tried one. >> i don't know it just looks
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cool. >> i can't leave that thing laying around or somebody put something that is not vapor or harmless. so i got rid of the thing. >> california poison control center say they handled 147 calls about children getting sick after trying e-cigarettes. doctors one gulp of e-cigarette liquid nicotine can kill a child or even an adult. little christopher has uncovered a flaw with the security system in the new x- box one. >> i got all of this. >> what was your first reaction? >> how awesome is that? >> those kids from san diego. what are you going to do?
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microsoft has come up with a fix and acknowledged christopher on his website as a security researchers. microsoft is rewarding him with four games, $50 and a yearlong subscription to x-box live. coming up next in our 5:00 hour developing news an early morning fire damaged a building that is owned by oakland's children's hospital. we take you live to the scene for the reason that the fire is being called suspicious. >> and why a disgraced san francisco supervisor who is spending years behind bars is expected to head back to jail today. >> we are looking at a commute that is wet and if you don't like driving in the rain but you have to, i would suggest allowing yourself extra time. i will tell you what commutes are getting busy already. >> our system is moving through but it has a little bit of a punch to it. we are getting heavy rain right over oakland.
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we are live in oakland where a fire breaks out at a building owned by chinos hospital. refighters are calling the fire suspicious. >> severely sick baby is stuck on a boat in the middle of the
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pacific ocean. we are live at moffett field we will tell you about the dramatic over water rescue operations happening today involving some of the bay area based guardsmen. >> cold front moving through in fact two reports of pouring. we'll see how much longer this will last. >> and it will soon cost two more to cross the golden gate. how much more drivers will have to pay and why. good morning. thank you for joining us. we are following this developing news out of oakland this morning. here's a live picture on the scene. you can see firefighters, a couple of engines there still on the scene. this is now considered a suspicious fire. and we are going to find out why they are calling it suspicious. but we do know there is a


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